We offer all kinds of mouth watering dishes, and so are prepared daily menus, but according to our motto "No request It is neither too big nor too small " - professionally and reliably, we can prepare an offer that will satisfy both taste and those on the amount of the budget.

We take pride in offering our customers a delicious selection of made-from-scratch items. We wanted people to have good choices about good food. We offer a large selection of all natural and organic products. Our menu items are prepared daily by our dedicated staff early in the morning. Not only have we placed emphasis on the quality of our provisions, but we have always felt that the quality of our employees would also enhance this environment. It is not only the food and ambiance that makes a good restaurant. It is also the people you find there. We hope you will agree that our staff are some of the friendliest and most genuine folk you could wish to meet.

Different types of Dining Options

  • Sri Lankan
  • Western
  • Chinese